How does our service work?

Below is our proven, step-by-step process for getting our clients more leads than they know what to do with.


The first step is learning all about your business, challenges, needs, customers, and prospects. This allows us to target the right prospects and tailor our outreach to them.

Building the List

Based on what we learned from our exploration meetings and internal research, we build hyper-targetted lists of prospects from multiple databases of over 300 million contacts. We then verify every single contact on the list to make sure every reach out is effective.


Now the fun stuff begins! With deep knowledge of your product and prospects, we begin outbound prospecting the list we created. We only send you the qualified leads, and disqualify the negative responses.


Based on our advanced analytics, we constantly adjust and optimize our campaigns so results only get better over time.


We keep you in the loop the entire way through with weekly reporting on how your campaigns are running. You get to see how the fruits of your labor.






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